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bulletPolice Non-Emergency 435-6711
bullet Email Maintenance Request to MCM, LLC.

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bulletMillennium Community Management, LLC
bulletCondo Management Online
bulletCalifornia Assn. of HOAs

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Millennium Community Management, LLC

1900 E. Warner Ave

Suite 1P

Santa Ana, CA 92705


Office Number: (949) 225-0200

Fax: (949) 225-0214

Clark Terrace HOA Representative:

Shannon Thornhill, CCAM®

Primary: (866) 508-2780

Email:  Shannon@MCMisKey.com



Board of Directors

Erin Monge, President

(949) 413-4000

bulletNew Owner Orientation
bulletPool and Spa Maintenance
bulletVendor Liaison

Mavis Koleada, Vice-President

(916) 802-5150

bulletPurchase Complex Common Area Keys
bulletOversee Contractual Services in Common Areas

Maritza Recinos, Secretary

(562) 999-1229

bulletReserve Common Area - Parties
bulletBoard Monthly Meeting Minutes Distribution
bulletBulletin Boards

Gordon Lenarth, Treasurer

(415) 302-1566

bulletFinancial Reports Analysis
bulletAnnual Budget

Judy Ross, Member at Large

(562) 498-2346

bulletRules & Regulations - Common Area
bulletReserve Elevator Pads
bulletParking & Security Issues

HOA Service Contacts

HOA Management Company

 - Shannon Thornhill,  Shannon@MCMisKey.com

Direct TV

 - Consolidated Smart Systems 866-954-3434

                       Programming - 800 DIRECTTV

Plumbing Services - Gorsuch Plumbing (562) 439-4034

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